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The Second Trimester

[Week Fourteen] Sunday 10th January

Even though it was 43 degrees today we thought we'd still go out and look at some baby stuff. I'd being reading and researching a bit on the net to see what types of things we'd require, so I wanted to go out and get some prices. First stop was Baby Bunting, this is a new baby megastore that opened up last year. I walked in and said "Wow". The place was huge and has everything that you need, and probably don't need. Of course we didn't know what half the stuff was so just cruised up and down the aisles. We saw breast pumps and sterilizers first. There are so many kinds with different functions. So we got the prices and models and thought we'd do some research at home first before deciding. Cruised past the baby clothes, I've got a new policy of not buying any more. I picked up a few things already and everyone is saying not to buy much as you'll be given a lot of clothes as presents. Plus I have no idea how big the baby is going to be, so I'll probably buy the wrong sizes anyway! Looked at cots, strollers, playpens etc etc. Everything was way too expensive and daunting. Headed to Hungry Jacks for a toilet stop and had a small bite to eat. While there we took a look at Target to compare their pricing, which was basically the same. But I thought that if they ever had a 30% off sale then this is the place for my baby shopping. Picked up a pair of maternity leggings while I was there. They were comfy and will be good when it cools down a bit. Tried to steer clear of the baby clothes section but ended up buying a winter set of pants and jacket, as this is something that's on the list to bring to the hospital. Got busted in the baby section by an old friend that we haven't seen for a few years. He immediately asked us if we were expecting.

[Week Fifteen] Thursday 14th January

Baby Sale Day at Target!! It's sad when the highlight of your week is a baby sale. I got the catalogue a few days ago and saw that all the things that I was eyeing off last weekend were on sale, some things at 50 percent off. My boss at work offered to come with me as my work mates wanted to buy me a baby present. We turned up at 9am and were given a little goodie bag at the door which included some booties, sipping cups, a big and some samples. Very generous of Target. We grabbed a trolley as I knew we need it. Soon I had a high chair, swing, cot blankets and sheets, bassinett blankets and sheets, towels, nappy bag, cot mobile, mattress protecter, change matt and a few odds and bods. We actually ended up with two trolleys full

[Week Fifteen] Friday 15th January

I rode my motorbike for the last time today. My leathers are now very tight and it's uncomfortable to try and get my leg over the bike. I don't think my concentration is the best because I'm always so tired. So I think it was time to give it away, until after I have the baby anyway.

[Week Fifteen] Sunday 17th January

I haven't been able to brush my tongue for a few weeks, it makes me dry reach. While cleaning my teeth the other day I dry reached from having too much toothpaste froth in my mouth. Very strange. I just googled it and it seems to be a common occurence. I think all my symptoms are weird until I google them and find that everyone else experiences them as well.

[Week Fifteen] Monday 18th January

Not sure how I survived work today. I felt so sick all day. I ate constantly but it didn't seem to help. I was getting stomach pains in the afternoon and was almost asleep at my desk! When is this going to end!!

[Week Sixteen] Wednesday 20th January

Knee Cellulite, never heard of it? Well either had I until I discovered it on my knees last night! WTF! I thought that I was eating healthy. Yes I eat constantly, but it's only fruit and vegetables. I guess I'm not exercising enough, obviously a ten minute walk once or twice a week isn't cutting it. I'm always too tired to go to the gym after work, so I don't know what to do. I might look at getting an exercise bike. This cellulite has to be stopped!

[Week Sixteen] Friday 22nd January

I've had a nagging headache for two days. Woke up this morning and it was still pounding, I felt so tired and lousy. I had very little sleep last night due to the heat, a mouse making noise in the roof and stomach pains. So I rang work and said I wouldn't be in. I felt guilty about it but they said they didn't mind and that I had to take care of myself. It's only the second day of work I've missed through the pregnancy, so it's not too bad. But I do feel like I'm not going to last very long at work. It really tires me out and when I get tired the stomach pains start. If I finish up in May which would be 6 weeks before the due date, then it means that I only have 4 months of work left. It's quite scarey when I think about it. As much as I always complain that I hate it and want a new job, I'm really going to miss the work, my work mates, customers and the stimulation.

[Week Sixteen] Saturday 23rd January

Went out to dinner tonight with the last of our friends that needed to be told face to face. As it was a bit cooler and we were having dinner by the beach, I couldn't wear my stock standard green dress that I've been living in over the past few weeks. I tried on 4 pairs of jeans to no avail, finally I settled on black jeans that have a button up fly. I could only do two of the buttons up and it was still uncomfortable when I sat down. By 10pm I was falling asleep on the couch and we went home.

[Week Sixteen] Sunday 24th January

I wanted to go for a short walk this morning to try and get rid of some of that cellulite. DH convinced me to go walking to the retention dam, which is quite a big walk up and down some hills. We were probably gone for an hour and a half. I had to keep stopping as I was getting puffed and my pulse was racing. Normally a walk like this wouldn't raise a sweat. I survived the walk but was extremely tired in the afternoon.

[Week Sixteen] Monday 25th January

I'm out of pants. Wore three quater length pants to work that have previously been fine as they have a string that does up at the front. But I can now barely get the fly done up and my shirt was riding up so that you could probably see that the fly was undone. I was walking around all day pulling down my shirt so that none of my workmates get an unpleasent view. My stomach is really big now. It's ballooned out over the past week. The pains that I was feeling last week must have been things moving around and getting bigger. I'm not impressed.

[Week Sixteen] Friday 29th January

I made an appointment for next week to see my shared care GP. Just want to get a check up because my heart is always thumping and I'm getting puffed after taking three steps. I think it's normal but I just want to get my blood pressure etc taken. I think I'm due for my first shared care appointment anyway. I'm 16 weeks and haven't actually had any kind of check up!

[Week Seventeen] Sunday 31st January

I've been waking up during the night with pins and needles in my arms and hands. I just presumed I must be sleeping on it funny seeing that I've been trying to sleep on my side more. But this morning I woke up on my back with both arms asleep! So I googled it (google is my pregnancy resource) and apparently it's normal. Due to increased blood flow to the baby and not enough to my body and possibly because nerves are being squashed. Either way, it's becoming annoying. It's happening every single night.

Spent the day shopping, bought a lounge for the family room. I wanted to set that room up with a TV and lounge so that I can sit in there with the baby and it can play on the floor while I'm lounging around or doing something in the kitchen. So after an exhausting day, I came home, settled into the big arm chair and put the ps3 on. DH went on the roof to replace some leaking roof tiles (courtesy of that incompetant aircon installer). Next thing he's yelling out like it's an emergency. So I think he's hanging by three fingers off the roof and about to die, so I jump up from the chair (forgetting my poor pregnant belly) and race out. It ended up being nothing special (an over reaction) and I end up laying on the floor with shooting pains in my stomach and back. Nice! Ever since I saw a character have a torn placenta on Desperate Housewives, I think that it's going to happen to me. So I'm definately worried. I hope the doctor listens to the heart beat at my appointment on Wednesday...it'll set my mind at rest.

[Week Seventeen] Monday 1st February

I'm super huge. I look 6 months pregnant. Every two seconds I'm telling DH to come over and look how big it is (even though it hasn't changed from the last time I said come look...10 minutes ago). He says I'm puffing it out. As if I'd want to look any bigger! I googled images of 17 week pregnant bellies...bad idea. Everyone seems to be half the size that I am, so I'm wondering what's going on. I guess everyone is different. I'm now worried about how I'm going to look post pregnancy, stretch marks and flab galore. I came across a website http://theshapeofamother.com. Mothers write a small bit about themselves and post pictures of themselves. This site is meant to be help you with your body image as this is what all mothers go through. But right now, it's not helping!! Oh and I bought one of those pregnancy belts that helps expand your regular pants. Wore it to work today, it works well. I'm still getting small pains from yesterdays "roof" incident.

[Week Eighteen] Sunday 7th February

Before I fell pregnant I bought tickets to A Day On The Green to see Rob Thomas. I got gold tickets and they were a bit over $400 for two tickets. Over the past few days I've been dreading going as it's so hot, I'm still tired and have to go to bed at 9pm and I just generally don't feel like doing much. Today was about 36 degrees, we had to leave home at about 4pm to get to Mclaren Vale for the concert. It was in a dusty, dry winery and the sun was scorching. We arrived in time to get our seats and Vanessa Amorosi started her set as the support act. I had to go to the toilet twice, which wasn't too bad except that some rude cow pushed passed me in the line and it made me stumble back and I hurt my stomach. So on the way back to my seat and as we were leaving I had to put my hands in front of my stomach to protect myself. I think I also inhaled about 12 cigarettes and 78 litres of dust, which wasn't the best. Rob Thomas came on at about 7.45 and finished two hours later. We were in row eight and could see perfectly. I had a giant of a man in front of me, but he chose to sit down in his seat for the show which was a godsend for me. We got home at about 12.15 as we had to get a shuttle bus back to the car park and traffic was a nightmare. I was so tired by the end of the night. But I survived and it was well worth it.

[Week Eighteen] Monday 8th February

Stupid me was watching some pregnancy blogs on youtube tonight. A young girl who was about one week post partum showed her stomach. It was all baggy with what looked like excess skin and fat, which is to be expected after your stomach expands so much. She also had terrible stretch marks. It really upset me and brought me to tears as I don't want to look like that, my body is going to be destroyed. I even had the thought of "what have I done?", "why have I done this to myself". I'll be devestated if I can't return to my pregnancy weight and if I have extra flab that I can never get rid of.

[Week Eighteen] Tuesday 9th February

I was asked how I was feeling today by a workmate and I was surprised that I could finally answer that I was feeling pretty good. The pains have gone, it now only hurts if I move around funnily in my chair or in bed and squash my stomach. I have a bit more energy as well. So generally I'm feeling a bit happier and more like myself.

[Week Nineteen] Wednesday 10th February

Had another weird dream last night. I had one about a week ago that I forgot to write about. I was at home with the baby and it was a boy. He kept crawling around the house and I couldn't pick him up. I grabbed him as he was heading under the dining table and he turned around and bit me. When I looked closer he had a muzzle and dog teeth, exactly like my Jack Russell. Then I was trying to breast feed and he latched on and sucked like crazy, just like a vacuum would. It hurt like anything and I couldn't get him off. Then last night the baby was a boy once again and was also crawling around. DH was downstairs vacuuming and the baby started falling down the stairs. Then I started yelling at DH for not keeping an eye on him. But then I suddenly felt all this hatred for him and was screaming that I didn't want the baby anywhere near me. So both dreams were very similar, or the theme is similar.....the sex of the baby. I've always wanted a little girl and have a beautiful name picked out for her. But I have a feeling that it's going to be a boy. I know that I will be disappointed if I do. I'm fine with having a boy as a second child, I just want to make sure that at least one of my children is a girl. Three weeks to go and then I can find out. Hopefully that'll put an end to these horrible dreams.

I booked my prenatal classes today. They include Midwife and Physiotherapist Clases that covers birthing, parenting, infant care and pain relief. I'm starting them late May and they go for 3 x 3 hr sessions on a Saturday morning. Then there's a breastfeeding class that I couldn't get into until 28th June! That's two weeks before the due date. So if it comes early then I won't know how to feed it! LOL.

[Week Nineteen] Monday 15th February - Week 19

I'm meant to feel the baby kick/move over the next few weeks. It's called the Quickening and is meant to feel like butterflies or bubbles. I've been feeling something like tiny, tiny little punches for about a week now. I'm pretty confident in saying that it is the baby kicking. At first I wasn't sure because there is always some sort of pain going on in there. But this is not a pain, think of it like a balloon and you're quickly poking your finger into the balloon. If the balloon were alive it would feel it's outer layer being poked in and then popping back out. It's a weird way of explaining it, but that's what it feels like. I sometimes feel two or three pokes at a time while I'm sitting at my desk at work. But mostly it's when I've just eaten dinner and am sitting watching TV. This fits with what everyone says, as supposedly the baby is rocked to sleep by your movements of walking around and then it comes alive when you're stationary and resting. It's exciting to feel it kick at the moment as they're not painful, but I can imagine when the baby doubles in size and is kicking your internal organs!

[Week Nineteen] Tuesday 16th February

I had a weird sensation in my stomach all day today. It started in the morning after I'd had a shower and was drying myself. When I lifted my leg I could feel that there was something big inside my stomach that I was pressing against. When I drove to work and changed gears I was having the same feeling. I can't really describe it, it's all so surreal that there is a living being inside my stomach! This week it should be about 15 cm! Which is pretty damn big, no wonder I can feel something in there.

[Week Twenty] Wednesday 17th February

Went for a 50 minute walk around the estate today. I was very impressed with myself. I've also been walking to meet my hubby after work each day, which is generally a 30min round trip walk. Hopefully all the walking will help to keep me a bit fitter and stop me piling on the excess blubber. It's exactly one week until my 20 week scan! YAY, can't wait.

[Week Twenty] Monday 22nd February

Woke up though the night with an excruciating cramp in my right calf. My pilates teacher gave us exercises to do on Saturday to help leg cramps, but I hadn't experienced them at that stage. I hope these don't happen all the time. Total pain! DH has felt the baby kick. He was excited about it and thinks that it's "just a little kick". Humph, it's won't be for long.

[Week Twenty] Tuesday 23rd February

I now feel the baby not only kicking, but squirming. About once a day it seems to have a fit and it feels like it's turning around and changing it's position. It's the weirdest feeling. Just imagine this 16cm blob in your stomach moving around. It feels icky. My 20 week scan is tomorrow. It's no longer exciting, it's scarey. It'll be great to see the baby and how much it has grown. The scarey thing is finding out the sex. I'm sure that it's going to be a boy. I even had second thoughts about finding out, but it is the only chance I'll get before the birth and we probably regret it if I don't.

[Week Twenty-One] Wednesday 24th February - Morphology Scan

I had a horrible nights sleep last night. I woke up with another leg cramp, this time it was on the side of my leg. I also had pins and needles in my hands all night. I had my 20 week scan today at Flinders. Luckily for me I didn't have to drink a litre of water beforehand. I was able to drink normally but couldn't go to the toilet for an hour before the scan. We didn't have to wait long and were soon shown into the scanning room. They had an LCD screen on the wall in front of me so that I could see what was going on as well. We didn't get to see the baby much as the sonographer kept pausing the screen to take the measurements. And I think that the baby is so big now that you can't see it completely on the screen. The head is four centremetres in diameter and the thighs are about 4.5 cm long. She had trouble getting the the measurement for the head as the baby was in the wrong position, so I had to empty my bladder and then get on all fours and jiggle around for five minutes in an attempt to make it move, which it did. After that my stomach started going into contractions, so we had to wait until that passed so that the final measurements could be taken. At one stage the baby gave a big kick which I felt and we also saw on the screen. We told the sonographer that we'd like to know the sex of the baby if she could tell. The baby was in a good position and she paused the screen, it was laying there with it's legs apart and the sonographer said she was pretty sure that........it's a GIRL. She pointed out some lines between her legs that are the labia. So I was quite excited that it's a little girl. Apparenly she's growing well and everything looks normal. I have to go to my GP next week for the results.

[Week Twenty-One] Sunday 28th February

I needed to get out of the house so we decided to go for a walk. DH suggest that we go bush walking, I wasn't too keen but agreed as long as it wasn't anything too crazy. Next thing, we're walking up and down rocky, slippery hills. Then he takes me up this dried creek bed. With every step I thought I'd be bitten by a snake and we'd all die. I went to take a step forward and it was like something from Little Shop of Horrors, as I'd become entangled in a dried up weed and next thing I'm falling forward. I managed to put my hands out to stop myself falling on my stomach, but my legs got all scratched and bruised. I felt a kick straight afterwards, so everything must still be okay. I hope DH has learnt his lesson!

[Week Twenty-One] Monday 1st March

I had a terrible night last night with stomach pains. I woke up this morning with them as well, so I stayed home from work. It's only the 3rd day I've missed due to the pregnancy. I probably could have gone, but I wanted to rest and spend the day laying down just in case it was because of my fall yesterday.

[Week Twenty-Two] Wednesday 3rd March

Went for my monthly check up at my GP. Everything is fine. The test showed that she has a big head and a smaller body. Maybe that means that she'll be a brainiac :P The fetal age from the ultrasound was 19 weeks and 4 days, which is about 3 days younger than going on my menstral cycle. So if the baby comes late, then I wouldn't be surprised. I told the GP about the fall, but she didn't have a fetal monitor to check the babies heart. She said that because I was so 'thin' (dunno who's stomach she was looking at as it obviously wasn't mine) she could try and listen to it though this archaic wooden device that looks like it was from the 1800's. It was basically like a hollowed out hour glass. She put it on my stomach and tried to listen in the other end...a complete failure, I think she would have had more luck with two tin cans and a piece of string. I think that if you're a registered shared care doctor then maybe you should have a fetal monitor!!! Weird. My fundal height has grown 8cm since I was last there a month ago. I've also gained about 4.3kgs since the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm now 54.3kg, I started at about 49-50 kgs.

[Week Twenty-Three] Wednesday 17th March

Nothing exciting to report. Her kicking has slowed down a lot in the past three days, now I'm lucky if I even get five kicks a day. In the previous weeks she would kick me for a while as soon as I got to work and sat at my desk, then I'd get the odd kick throughout the day. Straight after dinner when I relax in my chair and watch telly the kicking would normally start again and she'd give me quite a few punches and kicks. Then she'd start up again once I'm laying in bed trying to sleep. But these days I don't get hardly anything! I think I read that there is a period when they go crazy with the kicking and then after that they calm down. So I guess that is what is happening. When I do get the odd kick, they're sometimes downward. I don't know what she's kicking (maybe the bladder) but it feels really weird. I don't like the downward kicks at all. I'm still feeling good and attending aqua, pilates and also walking every night.

[Week Twenty-Four] Wednesday 24th March

Still nothing to really report, it's all pretty smooth sailing at the moment. I woke up through the night with the worst leg cramp in creation, it seemed to last for over a minute. I was screaming out with pain and all I could think about was how I'm not going to handle labour if it hurts this much. Today it is sore to walk on. I haven't had a cramp for a long time, I'm putting it down to the fact that I have missed my nightly walk on the past two nights. Tonight I'm going to have a warm bath before bed. Maybe that will help. Received the last of the cloth nappies that I need. Over the past months I've been buying a stash of the different brands that I'd like to try. They include Green Kids (I'm hoping that these are good as they're Australian made), Itti Bitti's, Cushie Tooshies, Baby Beehinds and Peapods. I've got a couple of each nappy and plan to try them out on the baby to see which ones suit her best. Then I can buy some more of that particular brand. I need about 36 nappies, if I do the washing every two days. I've spent hours and hours researching nappies, it's been an obsession. Some are new and others are second hand. Some have been worn once, or not at all. So I was able to pick them up at almost half price. Can't wait to start using them......but not cleaning them! I saw my stomach move when I was kicked today. The kicking is definately getting harder. Apparently my uterus is the size of a football!!! I thought I saw a purple stretchmark today and was all in a flap, but I THINK that it was just a vein...here's hoping. Wen't belly dancing today. It'd been the first time I'd been in six weeks as my normal class time was conflicting with my pilates class (which has now finished). It was so hot in the studio and I was getting all hot, sweaty and out of breathe. Most of the moves are really uncomfortable as well. Plus I look like a giant balloon, so I hate catching glimpses of myself in the mirror. I've only got three more weeks of it left and that will have to be it until after she is born. I can't do it anymore in my present condition.

[Week Twenty-Four] Thursday 25th March

Horrible day today. My calves are still very sore from the leg cramps on Tuesday night, so I was hobbling around all day. I also woke up with a horrible stomach ache at the top half of my stomach. A girl at work said that it was probably Braxton Hicks as the pain was coming and going all day. But after googling what it's meant to feel like, I don't think it was. My back was also aching badly so I had to go for a walk at lunch to try and loosen it up. It helped a lot, so I think I'll definately have to go for a walk at lunch time. So I was pretty over it today. What I thought was a stretch mark yesterday has gone...thank god. But I'm sure that they'll be appearing any time now.

[Week Twenty-Six] Monday 5th April

Weighed myself this morning. 57.8kg. So I've gained about 8kgs in total. I can really see the weight gain in my face now. I've got a cubby moon face.

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