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The First Trimester

[Week One] Wednesday 7th October 2009

First day of my last period.

[Week Two] Friday 16th October 2009

'D' Day

[Week Four] Tuesday 3rd November

I took a phone call today and after I hung up my eyes blurred over and I was terribly tired for the rest of the day. My stomach is also hurting with premenstral pains and my breasts are sore to touch. It could be a sign of the period coming.

[Week Five] Wednesday 4th November

I'm two days late. I'm never late. I'm only ever early. I've looked up pregnancy syptoms on the internet - stomach pains, painful stomach, sore breasts, tiredness. Check, check and check! I can't stand waiting anymore so I'm going to get a test tomorrow.

[Week Five] Thursday 5th November

We walked to the shops after work to get a pregnancy test. I strolled around the shop but couldn't find them, so I had to timidly ask the woman at the counter if they had any. As I was paying for it I made sure that I flashed my wedding ring around just to make sure she didn't think that I was some harlet. On the way home DH decided to tell me that he's going to be earning less at work, nice timing! Now there will possible be three human mouths and a dog to feed on one wage, but he never worries about things like that. That put a damper on my test so I waited a little while until I was over my grump. It soon got the better of me and I took it to the toilet and peed on the stick. We looked together after two minutes.....circle and a cross....pregnant. As I suspected! DH didn't say much (he's as emotionless as Dexter), then the dogs attacked each other, he yelled at them and any portential "moment" was ruined.

[Week Five] Friday 6th November

Friday is normally gym night where I spend half an hour on a cardio machine and then do half an hour of weights. I knew I wouldn't feel like the cardio so just thought I'd do a few light weights. Jumped on a stepper machine while I waited for DH to finish up. After about two minutes on the lowest setting I felt a horrible pain in my stomach and had to get off. I sat down for five minutes hoping it would settle down. I tried doing arm weights but my stomach was still hurting and I felt horrible so I went home.

It hit me on the way home that I now can't do a lot of the things that I used to do. My routine and life were changing. I'll blame it on the hormones, but I had a tearful moment. I think I'm still getting used to the sudden change.

[Week Five] Saturday 7th November
Before I became pregnant I'd planned a big night out drinking with some friends. However my big night out turned into drinking non-alcoholic punch at dinner while they all got drunk. Then going home at 9pm while they moved onto the pub. Only one of them knew that I was pregnant, so I had to make up excuses why I wasn't drinking

[Week Five] Monday 9th November
One of my friends told us that there is no point seeing a GP to confirm the pregnancy as they'll just give you a pregnancy test, which I've already done. She said to ring the Hospital of my choice and speak to them. So I had to get DH to ring the Womens Health Clinic at Flinders Medical Centre. I couldn't do it as work would overhear me. So they're sending out some information in the mail and they've given me an appointment for my first midwife visit in early January. We also had to ring a pregnancy help line to get some sort of booking number that the hospital requires.

[Week Six] Thursday 12th November

Felt fine all day. Took some crackers to work and snacked on them when I felt hungry. Stomach pains started around 2.30pm, different kind of pains. Thought it could be because I had been sitting down and barely moved all day. Felt a bit better when I got home and had dinner. Really tired though and falling asleep at 8.30pm.

[Week Six] Sunday 15th November

Had to get up at 6.10am today to go sky diving, but didn't feel tired at all. I had a great nights sleep last night. I wasn't sure if I should still go sky diving, but I had paid $400 for it and would have to forfeit the money if I didn't do it. I read up one it and it all seemed fine. After all the baby is only a few cells at the moment. So gliding through the air is not going to damage it. Sky Diving is the most scarey thing I've ever done. I was absolutely terrified when I was sitting outside the plane on the little edge. When my tandem man pushed me forward and we started falling, I had to close my eyes for a few seconds. It was insane!

[Week Six] Monday 16th November

Feel nearly normal today. My stomach started to hurt a little bit at work after sitting down all day. Didn't feel like eating my dinner, only had a few bites. I felt hungry, but when it came to eating it. I just couldn't. Didn't feel tired today, but now that it's getting to 9pm, I'm getting drowsy. But that's probably because my body is used to going to bed early. It's become routine. My back and shoulders are stiff and sore from sky diving. I think it would be from the sudden jerk when the parachute opened. Eyes are very itchy from hay fever and I'm not allowed to take anything for it.

[Week Seven] Wednesday 18th November

Went to bed at 8.30pm last night so I woke up at 7.45am this morning. I knew that would be asking for trouble as it meant an extra long day, so at 3pm I had to have a lay down. Was just falling asleep when the neighbours put their noisey as hell reverse cycle airconditioner on....so that ruined that. Geez, it's only 27 today! I read through all the info the hospital sent me and caught up on my Up The Duff book. I have to see a GP about getting a Nuchal Scan done. This is done between 10 and 14 weeks to test for Down Syndrome. I think that the ultrasound may also show up any other defects. It'll also show if there is an Ectopic Pregnancy. You may not even realise it until the scan is done. So I think that its good to have done, just for peace of mind. The hospital doesn't do it, so there is a huge medicare gap. I'll go and see a GP next Wednesday. I also want to get a blood test done now to see if I'm lacking anything from my vegetarian diet. I don't think I would be as I eat better than a lot of meat eaters out there. Meat isn't the cure for everything.

[Week Seven] Thursay 19th November

I've had the worst stomach pains today. They seem to be high up though, behind my belly button. The pain used to go away after I'd eaten, but that is not helping anymore. I feel hungry but I don't want to eat anything. I thought I was going to be sick at work today, I was very nausious and in a lot of pain. I hope this ends soon.

[Week Seven] Friday 20th November

I bought tickets to see Mark Seymour at The Norwood months ago. I haven't seen him play for about 6 months, so I didn't want to miss this. Trouble was that I knew he wasn't on stage until 10pm. Seeing my bedtime is now 8.30pm, I knew I'd have trouble staying awake. We arrived at about 9.30 (I somehow mangaged to stay awake) and were lucky enough to get some seats. There was no way that I could stand up for two hours. I started getting bleary eyed half way though he set, but he was awesome as usual and it made it worthwile.

[Week Seven] Saturday 21st November.

Had a wedding to go to today, lucky for me I didn't have any stomach pains and next to no nausea. The ceremony was at the Botatanic Gardens. The bride was 35 minutes late, and I'd already been there for about 20 minutes before the start time. By the end of the ceremony I was over it and needed to eat. Luckily I had an Up and Go in the car. These things are great to fill you up and get rid of any queeziness. We visted the in laws between the ceremony and reception as we had some time to kill. At the reception I had to drink and toast with orange juice all night, but another guy at our table was doing the same, so I didn't feel too bad. It's a wonder that no one asked why I wasn't drinking. My stomach bloated into a giant ball half way through the evening and it looked like I was already 4 months pregnant. I already had trouble getting my dress on earlier as I think my bust has enlarged!! LOL. So the dress was chaffing at me all night.......a sign of things to come as I'm sure this will get worse. Didn't get home until 1am. I'm sure I'm going to pay for that.

[Week Seven] Sunday 22nd November

We had to take our foster dog back to the RSPCA. I felt so sorry for her and could barely look at her all morning. Everythime I did I would burst into tears. I cried at the RSPCA when I had to hand her back and cried all the way home! I don't know why I foster, I never handle it very well. We drove to Hahndorf to have lunch with DH's family. I had a disgusting, oily pizza that made my stomach turn. It was lucky that I was feeling fine today, otherwise it wouldn't have sat too well. Not sure why I haven't felt any pain for nausea over the last two days. I hope everything is okay.

[Week Nine] Friday 4th December

I felt okay today, but my entire stomach is bloated and hard. It looks like I'm 6th months pregnant. I'm having trouble fitting into my jeans and have to undo a button if I sit down. After a bit of research I've found that the bloating is normal and will settle down in a few weeks. Something about the uterous expanding to the size of a grapefruit....joy. Seems like I exchange one sympton for another. Gone is the nasuea, welcome...bloat!

[Week Nine] Monday 7th December

In the worlds giantest grump today. I'm tired and aching. Just want to go to bed. DH said that I look so fat that I'll have to tell work soon. Seems like my baggy clothes aren't covering the bloated stomach.

[Week Ten] Monday 14th December

It's week ten this week and to kick it all off I had a huge power chuck this morning. I thought I'd escaped it! I just finished eating raison bread for brekky and started feeling horrible, next thing I'm running to the toilet for three hugh heaves. All I could smell was that disgusting Pregnancy Vitamin that I'd just taken. That's probably what made me sick in the first place, they stink so much that I gag when I take them. So I went to work hungry as I'd just purged my breakfast, I was too scared to eat much in case I had to go running to the toilet while at work....that would be a dead give away that I was pregnant. But I survived without any more episodes. I hope it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I'm huge as ever today. I caught someone looking at my stomach at work today, so I became paranoid and ran to look in the toilet mirror to see if I looked fat. What greeted me was a huge moon faced ogre, and it was so obvious from side on that I'm huge! I need some baggier clothes.

[Week Eleven] Sunday 20th December

We were invited around for Xmas drinks at the neighbours today, the whole street was there. I wore a dress which nicely covered up my huge stomach. I turned up with my bottle of red creamy soda. It took a few hours before the neighbour asked "Why aren't you drinking wine, you normal drink it?". I mumbled something and someone else joked about it and I thought it was forgotten. But then she said "Is there something you want to tell us?" So of course I had no choice but to confess. Xmas is such a hard time to keep the secret as everyone wonders why I'm not drinking. So now nearly everyone knows except for a few friends and my work. So much for waiting until after the first scan. I hope I don't have to 'untell' them if something is wrong!

[Week Twelve] Wednesday 23rd December

I'm 11 weeks now, nearly a third of the way through. Had my blood / urine tests done today which included the Downs Test and the general HIV etc etc. Lucky for me there was a place that did them up at Blackwood. So it saved me heaps of time.

[Week Thirteen] Thursday 31st December

I had my first scan today, Nucal scan. It tests for Down Syndrome and other defects. I'd made my appointment at Radiography SA for 9am. I had to drink a litre of water by 8am as you need to have a full bladder. I didn't finish drinking until about 8.20am, so I hoped I wouldn't get told off. Arrived at 8.45 and they saw me straight away. The doctor lubed me up and placed the 'whatever' it is on my stomach. We were able to see the baby straight away. It had it's arm up in there air like it was waving at us and it then started moving around. I can't believe how much it moved, just like a tadpole! It even spun upside down at one stage. It kinda brings it all home that there is a baby inside me and there's no going back now. You could even see it's heart beating...very cute. The radiographer printed us a lot of photos of the arms, legs etc. I couldn't see to well on the screen as it was angled away from me, but at least I have the prints. The neck fold was about 1mm thick, he said that it's normally only a worry if it's around 3mm, so we should be fine. But the doctors will compare the scan with the blood test for a final decision. Once the radiographer had checked the images while we were in the waiting room, he called us back in as his boss wanted another picture of the nasal bone. Because I'd emptied my bladder and also because the baby was in the wrong position, she had trouble getting a good angle. She was pressing insanely hard on my stomach. She said it's okay for the baby as it's protected, but it just hurts me. When she said "I'm just going to stand up so I can press harder", I knew it was going to hurt. I ended up being there for about 45 mins. It cost $149.50, I'll have to wait and see how much I get back from Medicare. It's 5.93cm long, I'm 12 weeks and two days along and her confirmed that 14th July is the due date. This screening is optional, but I'd definately recommend that everyone gets it done. Not only does it help to pick up any defects, but it's wonderous to see your baby wriggling around like a little worm.

We then went to the movies and called in to see my Dad. We didn't get home until very late, and by that time we had to get ready for New Years Eve. Even though I'd been up since 7am, I managed to stay up until 1.30am. I'm so glad that the majority of the tiredness and sickness has passed.

[Week Thirteen] Sunday 3rd January

So much for the nausea ending. I've felt rotten the past two days. I was only commenting to a friend on NYE how I don't feel sick at all anymore. That lasted a whole of two days.

[Week Thirteen] Monday 4th January - 13 Weeks

It was the first day back at work after having a week and a half off over christmas. I woke up really tired as I went to the cricket last night and didn't get home until late. I ate breakfast and then had my pregnancy vitamin....bad idea! It's definatley what made me spew last time as I felt immediately sick when I had it today and dry reached in the toilet. Luckily I wasn't actually sick. I'm never taking them in the moring again. I got to work and everyone was there, the phones were really quiet so I thought I'd be a good time to tell everyone. I sat down at my bosses desk and said "I"m having a baby". I started shaking from nerves and went all red in the face at being the centre of attention. There was congratulations all round and everyone was excited. A couple of them thought that something was up due to a mystery day off a few weeks ago and the fact that I'd been looking deathly pale. They asked if I was going to resign and I said that I probably will as it's not worth working due to the child care fees. They said to take my marternity leave and see how I go, at least I'll still have the option if I change my mind. It's such a relief that it's out of the way. Now I don't have to wear those extra baggy clothes and pretend to be fit and health. I showed them the scan and one of my work mates says that it looks like Gonzo! That bloody hooter!! I felt sick most of today and I'm really tired. I must be loosing the plot as I forgot to put make up on my chin this morning, looked a bit ridiculos and stood out like a dogs bollocks!

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